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Our highly automated headquarters in Eibensbach has around 250,000m² of space, including 110,000m² of covered space for production and storage. Development, logistics and administration are all in one location, creating beneficial synergies for our customers all over the world, including short routes, short response times and controlled quality and production. Manufacturing processes can be redesigned at short-term to respond to requirements and customer needs.

Ready for the future!

In 2009, Layher expanded production with a second manufacturing plant, located just a stone’s throw from the company’s Eibensbach headquarters. The second plant in Gueglingen has a total area of 68,000m², with 32,000m² of production and storage space. All aluminium and wooden components are manufactured here. 

Layher assumes responsibility

Maximum manufacturing precision

Layher continues to invest in the expansion of highly-automated manufacturing. This means that we  can produce competitively in Germany and ensure the consistent high quality of our products.

Modern inhouse hot-dip galvanising facility

The two fully automated and very modern galvanising facilities have a capacity of 170,000 t/year.

They are certified for compliance with DASt Directive 022 and meet the latest required environmental regulations and requirements.

We process approximately 21,000 kilometres of steel tubing each and every year.

We assume responsibility for the safety of our customers with every metre of tubing we make. This is why one of Layher’s core tasks is quality management. Our products are compliant with the very latest safety standards and possess DIN/ISO certification, German TÜV approval plus a range of other German and international seals for excellent quality. We have been DIN EN ISO 9001-certified since 1994.

Uncompromising Quality

Although our suppliers are also certified, our own uncompromising commitment to quality is always implemented, from our intensive incoming goods inspection in-house to every production area.

We intentionally keep full control of our own core processes. We also believe in people power – so we rely on employees who have years of experience behind them, and we continually invest in skills development programmes.

This means that you can be sure you’re working with the original.

Quality management is not just about rigorous checks at each stage of production: correct marking and comprehensive documentation of all components is also important. So when its manufacture has been completed, every Layher component is stamped with information on the machine used for its manufacture, the date of manufacture and its various production parameters.

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