Time and material are crucial factors in scaffolding construction.
To make the most efficient use of both, the Layher range includes the practical scaffolding planning software LayPLAN.

Layplan classic

With the LayPLAN CLASSIC modules for Allround Scaffolding and SpeedyScaf, individualised scaffolding solutions can be configured quickly and easily: whether they’re for circular or facade scaffolding made from SpeedyScaf, for birdcage scaffolding and free-standing towers made from Allround Scaffolding, or for structures with temporary roofs. Once the dimensions and the required assembly variant have been entered, LayPLAN CLASSIC delivers in seconds a scaffolding proposal, including anchoring, bracing and side protection. During the design phase, the overall length, standing heights and areas are continuously calculated and displayed to reflect the current plan. A materials list can also be created at the click of a button and then printed out, together with an assembly sketch for the area to be enclosed in scaffolding plus the total weight. This also helps with the logistics – the required material is guaranteed to be there where it’s needed.
LayPlan Classic

LayPLAN Rolling Tower-Configurator

By using the LayPLAN Rolling Tower-Configurator it is possible to choose standard rolling tower solutions – quickly and easily. After entering of working height, the required working space and selection of the equal assembly structure, the program gives you a solution offer with pictures and material lists. Applications with internal ladder access, wall support or console brackets can be chosen – also as structures with mobile beam or stabilizers. All assembly structures according to the user manuals are available.

Layplan CAD

Thanks to integration into the LayPLAN system, the basic planning can be handled in automated form using the proven LayPLAN CLASSIC. Project data can be quickly recorded using input masks, ensuring a time saving for every order. The data are then simply exported into the AutoCAD program, which offers further possibilities for detailed 3D planning. A visual collision check is possible with the aid of volume rendering. Using a convenient search function with preview image, scaffolding planners can find not only an extensive library of Layher individual parts, but also assemblies already prefabricated for even faster design work. The detailed drawings can then be printed out. It is possible to export them as 3D model too, e.g. for professional customer presentations or to share 3D models. A transfer to visualisation or animation software is also possible without any problem. This allows projects not only to be planned economically and also adapted precisely to actual requirements, but also to be presented professionally to customers. The LayPLAN CAD module is available in German, English, French and Spanish.



The LayPLAN Material Manager is contained both in LayPLAN CLASSIC and in LayPLAN CAD. Material lists can be automatically generated from both programs and transferred to the LayPLAN Material Manager for further editing. Simple material lists can be created, or several construction sections, for example, can be split into different lists so that prices and weights can be considered separately.

For a better understanding, preview images of the components are displayed in the program and can be optionally included in the printout, making it easier to locate the scaffolding components during loading and assembly.

LayPLAN VR Viewer

The free-of-charge LayPLAN VR Viewer enables virtual tours of scaffolding struc¬tures, conveying a realistic spatial impression of the overall situation. That makes it a very useful tool, for example when coordinating the work to be done at the site by the various trades or when assessing work safety. Based on the data from LayPLAN CAD, Layher can create for you VR models that can be displayed in the LayPLAN VR Viewer. If you have any questions about creating VR models, please get in touch with your contact partner at Layher. The virtual tour requires a sep¬arate VR headset (e.g. Oculus Rift or HTC Vive) to be connected to the PC work¬station. Optionally, the LayPLAN VR Viewer can also be started in Desktop mode without a VR headset.


Quantify® makes managing your scaffold business easy. From one user-friendly program, you can monitor inventory, ship materials, generate invoices, set reminders, manage re-rentals, and oversee all your jobs – with web-based tools making information and site operations available on-the-go.
  • Visualize, manage, and track your success with Quantify – trusted by industry leaders all over the world.
  • The clear visual representation, allows for efficient and effective management at all levels of the scaffolding business.
  • With workflows built for the industry – easier tracking for better outcomes.
  • Comprehensive inventory control, and scaffold asset management – minimize losses and waste, maximize utilization and returns.
  • Individual scaffold scheduling, tracking, and reporting, providing a clear picture of activities on a job site.
Sales and Service by:
Avontus Software Limited


Stunning aerial photographs for impressive film projects or precision surveying work, to capture data from the air. Visualisation in the interior using a true-to-scale 3D model, or meaningful aerial documentation for showing a poorly accessible object. Moselcopter supplies you with finished 3D models for existing buildings, which you can edit using LayPLAN CAD to plan your complete scaffolding. Depending on the application, the pictures are taken from the air with a multicopter or using a stationary scanner on the ground.
  • Digital building measurement for faster planning and a shorter quotation phase.
  • Easy scaffolding planning and real-time collision checking.
  • Professional presentation to the end customer.
  • Can be used both for smaller buildings such as family homes and for complex scaffolding around churches or bridges.
Sales and Service by:
Moselcopter GmbH

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